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Couple Therapy Session

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist   

Doctor of Human Sexuality

        Certified Clinical Sexologist & Educator  

My Story 

As a Human Development and Family Studies major in 1998, I took my first human sexuality class at the University of Nevada Reno.  I fell in love with this course and aspired to become a sex therapist; however, I went on a little detour away from this aspiration until 2009.     

On May 15, 2003, I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Master in Public Health with the intention of going into to the Peace Corps for an adventure.  I ended up taking the Reno Fire Department’s firefighter test and passed.  I knew the job offered incredible pay, benefits, and time-off, all great perks for a woman in her early twenties right out of college.  Four years in, I realized that I could not spend twenty-five plus years in this job. The calls began to wear on me; I started to see an unpleasant side of Reno, as most of the calls I went on were comprised of mental illness, or substance abuse issues.    

Transformations in my career development began when I went back to school during my last two years at the fire department.  In February of 2009, I went to the Institute for Advanced Human Sexuality for their Doctor of Human Sexuality degree in San Francisco.  In the middle of the program, I was hired to teach the very human sexuality class at UNR that ignited this wonderful journey.   Shortly after I finished this program, I left the Reno Fire Department after almost eight years of service. I then enrolled in the University of Nevada, Reno’s marriage and family therapy program and never looked back.  

Today, I am a State of Nevada Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and I specialize in sexual issues and transgender care.
I provide individual, couples, group, family, and substance abuse therapy. As part of my internship at Northern Nevada HOPES, I worked with psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors and endocrinologists to provide comprehensive services to my clients. I continue to use this model of integration in my private practice, as I routinely collaborate with the aforementioned various providers. 

Degrees & Certifications  
Master of Arts in Counseling and Educational Psychology with emphasis in Marital, Couple, and Family Counseling/Therapy, University of Nevada, Reno 

Doctor of Human Sexuality, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, CA 

Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA https://bit.ly/2U2hmwS

Associate in Sex Education and Clinical Sexology Certification, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, CA 

Master of Public Health, University of Nevada, Reno 

Bachelor of Science Human Development and Family Studies, University of Nevada, Reno